This Week's Sermon

Intern Stutent Pastor

     Steve Hagler

"The Shrewd Truth"


Find your way to holy trinity lutheran church

We're located on the corner of 26th Avenue and South Pines Road in Spokane Valley.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church sits in a local neighborhood just down the road from South Pines Elementary School.

Regular Worship Schedule

Breakfast 8:00am

Sunday School & Youth Confirmation 9:15am

Worship Service 10:30am

Fellowship (after Service)

​​​​​Barnyard Roundup: Jesus Gathers Us Together

Vacation Bible School

July 18 - 22, 2016

9:00am - Noon

vacation bible school


Join Us


​​​Holy Tr​​inity Lutheran Church has ministries for everyone and we offer weekly Bible Studies.

​Serving God by Serving Our Neighbor

Bible studies

This Month's Tidings

September 2016

outreach ministries

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church




This Week's Bulletin

Monday, 9/19

TOPS 5:30pm

Tuesday, 9/20

Thimbles 9:00am​

Wednesday, 9/21

​Evening Bible Study 7:00pm

Thursday, 9/22

​Fiddlers 6:30pm

Friday, 9/23

Men's Breakfast Bible Study 6:30am

Saturday, 9/24

AA Meeting 8:00pm

Sunday, 9/25

Breakfast 8:00-9:00am

Sunday School & Youth Confirmation Class 9:15am

Worship Service w/ Communion 10:30am

Fellowship (after Service)

Community Dinner Prep Meeting (after Service)